Create Your Three Letter Autoresponder Follow-Up

A lady told me this week, "Your advertising is wasted if that you do not follow-up on your leads." Her solution is to employ a multiple autoresponder that sends her prospects a brand new sales message very few days.

People have to see your ad message several times before they buy. Those that buy on the initial ad have previously composed their mind after seeing someone else's ad. Yours had the great fortune of reaching the customer at just the right time.

You can greatly increase sales with a three letter multiple autoresponder. You will find a number of places to get these autoresponders free (,, and other individuals who sell up-graded service at low cost.

Make your first letter briefly present your offer. It should be designed to get attention and bring in those who tend to quickly constitute their minds to buy.

Your second sales letter should arrive the following day. Make it longer and full of details. About 70 percent of consumers are people that need ALL the facts before they will purchase. List your features and connect them with the advantage your customer are certain to get from those features.

Your third sales letter ought to be scheduled to arrive several days later. Start with "Successful individuals are busy. I know you almost certainly saw my earlier messages, considered them, but haven't yet had time and energy to respond."

Then let them have another rundown on your offer. Bring in a new angle therefore it doesn't appear to be they are reading the exact same letter they saw a couple of days ago.

Significantly more than three sales letters tend to get ignored. If you wish to send more, have your fourth and fifth letters arrive weeks or months later. Scheduling a brand new letter to arrive each month can catch a prospect when they're ready to buy.

Offer Your Own Email Course

One of the very most successful marketing techniques I've found is offering your own course via autoresponders. I introduced my Make Your Website Sell course (yes, before MYSS came out) and it is still getting gobs of sign-ups every day.

Here is how to generate yours:

1. Choose a problem that plenty of your visitors struggle with. Within my business the big stumpers are receiving a niche site that sells, finding a method to handle email, figuring out search engines, and finding low-cost methods to advertise effectively.

A course on some of these is guaranteed to create plenty of interested prospects and customers (and you are able to bet I'm plugging my ads here and there through the course).

Your course could be on how best to complete a basement, steer clear of an IRS audit, how to provide your children straight teeth, or whatever else that customers often ask about.

2. If that you do not write or have time and energy to pen your own articles, try to find others who've written on the topic. It is perfectly legal to place their ideas in your own words (always proper to provide them credit).

You may also quote the article. It is better to ask in advance, if your course is for commercial purposes. Start your article, then say expert Jane Doe has some valuable information. Include a few paragraphs of what Jane wrote. Be cautious not to use so much you give away her entire article and spoil her ability to offer the information.

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